us :)

us :)



Tuesdays. Tests. Totally unprepared. 

I have no motivation. And I felt distressed. So I called upon the Lord. 

WHy is it that I only feel like I need God when I’m in trouble. That’s a pretty lame friendship. I’m sure He’d much rather prefer me talking to Him because I want to.

Goal of today: Have a meaningful conversation with the Creator of the Universe.

<3 D



his lips, the way he whispers, his tight hold around my waist.





I also want ya’ll to know that I am truly content with my life.  Tyler is the most wonderful man I could have ever been blessed with, and I would never change our story.  I would never change the morning of our first kiss, how soft his lips felt; how secure I was in him, even after a few weeks.  His love for the Lord is contagious :) Somehow I knew, even then, what he would be to me.  He was something different.  He was proud to be mine and not afraid to admit it.  He told me he loved me and didn’t leave. I am so thankful for him. every. single. day.  I love him with all my heart.


i’m not who i once was…


and i can never go back.

A year has passed, and I’m new :)


Another brisk day:

It’s been mighty cold here in Waco, Texas, but you know what isn’t? My fire for the Lord.

Today I woke up feeling ready for the day, but at the same time, feeling nervous of the week ahead.  School is hard for me right now.  I have stress about something every single day, and I often feel like I’m sinking.  I don’t see the point in school right now; I don’t see the point in planning my wedding; I don’t see the point in going to class on a cold day; I don’t see the point of work.

There is one thing that matters though.  And it’s the strength of the Lord.  He guides us to keep walking in the direction of things we don’t really see the point in. 

My lovely Tyler told me that I need to have faith to takes those steps in the right direction even when I don’t know where my feet will land.  I need to trust that God has a plan for all this. And I will.

It’s a new day, it’s a new dawn.

Let’s go out and seek the welfare of this city.


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I am redeemed.

I am redeemed.



I never imagined I’d be where I am now; who I am now.

As a little kid, you always imagine of your perfect life. And no matter how many people tell you it won’t necessarily go the way you planned it, you still dream. Sometimes that dream fades to gray, and sometimes it’s bursting with color, so much that you’re blinded.

Today, my life is bright.
I’m beyond blessed. And it’s not because I’m engaged or have found “the love of my life”. That love, that security, is where life starts!

I knew that love was the end of the fairytale, until I actually reached the fairy tale. I never want it to end, so why is that where the movies, the books, the stories stop? Sometimes you think you’ve found your fairytale ending. But trust me. You know it when you do. It’s not complicated. It is.

I had that guy (let’s be honest, who didn’t?), I had that guy who I knew if I didn’t have I would die. But when I had him, although I could say I love him a thousand times, or convince my friends we’d be together forever, my life didn’t feel like it was starting. It felt like I was drowning. Maybe in happiness, but still drowning, in a way I wouldn’t want to continue forever.

God has it figured out. I don’t know how, but he does. Losing love, losing friends, losing your virginity, losing your lucky bracelet, losing your faith, and even losing a baby IS NOT where life ends. It continues. Tomorrow still comes. God is always giving us another day to START. Let us not loose HOPE.

I want you all to know God’s love for you. He was willing to send his son to die on the cross to pay for the punishment of our sins, which is death. Jesus, though, defeated the grave, VANQUISHING death, and showing his power over everything. He saved us, and if we believe in Him and in the promise of the cross, we will not only have eternal life in Heaven forever, but our life will start. I pray all of you want that! I do.

I want that daily.

<3 D

Last day in Kuaui! I&#8217;m gonna miss this lovely man.

Last day in Kuaui! I’m gonna miss this lovely man.

2 more days :) #hawaii

2 more days :) #hawaii




One of my good friends from high school is engaged that is super weird but in a touching and good way I am so happy for her!!

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Anonymous said: I'm glad you're finally happy! You deserve it!

thank you!

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